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About Keith Goeringer

So who is Keith Goeringer? and why is he known as “Nashville’s #1 Most Trusted Loan Officer” Here is his answer: “Honesty, Integrity, and taking care of my customer is what makes my business thrive” Obtaining a Mortgage is not a one-time transaction. It is my goal as a mortgage professional to help you make the right financial choices not only in our first loan but for all transactions in the future. I look to build a long term relationship with you to achieve your financial goals. In this environment, mortgage guidelines change almost daily. You absolutely have to have an expert to help you navigate these complex changes.

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Path To Buy A Home

If you have a lower credit score or a small amount of money for a down payment,

this will teach you how to do what it takes to buy a home.  I have included all of the

newest strategies for increasing a credit score and buying a home for little money.

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Yes, You Can Buy a Home Mobile App

Home Buying info made easy. Learn the real process of buying a home from start to finish in this mobile app for Iphone and Android devices.  Yes You Can Buy A Home helps you get organized and ready to buy a home. Best of all it includes tools and training information if you need to increase your credit score for any reason..


Books by Keith Goeringer

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Yes, You Can Buy a Home Book

Home Buying info made easy. Learn the real process of buying a home from start to finish.  I wrote this book after the mortgage crash to show you what the process is like now to buy a home.  It has changed.   Yes You Can Buy A Home helps you get organized and ready to buy a home.


How To Buy A Home

Get Your Correct Mortgage Credit Score

Credit Scores that you get online can vary up or down dramatically.  You want to get a real mortgage credit score by applying to a mortgage lending institution.  Click Here to Get your Free Score.

Increase Your Credit Score Yourself

There are simple free strategies to quickly and easily increase your credit score so you can buy your dream home. Research and learn all avenues before paying anyone to clean up your credit. Click here to learn how.

Learn About The Process

The process of buying a home has been a 12 year continually learning process for myself and it changes constantly. Learning the basics is very important before you begin your search. Click Here for the 7 steps to buying a home book.

Get Pre-approved

The pre-approval process is important because if done incorrectly, your loan will not close. It is important to review your income to ensure that it qualifies for the home way before you start looking.  Click here to Apply Now

Apply Now Securely Online in Seconds

Apply Today and I will get back with you by the end of the day with your answer.  If for some reason you do not qualify right now, i will personally show you how to build your credit so you can buy in the future.

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One Person To Talk To!

Typically as soon as the loan officer has taken your application, you will never hear from them again.  You are shuffled off to some other dept or multiple departments.  Not with Keith!!  He is your one and only contact for the entire process.  Learn More

Upfront Review of All Documents

Surprises happen your file is not reviewed closely upfront.  Keith takes time to go through all of your documentation before you write a contract or spend any money.   This ensures a smooth closing.  Learn More

The End of Russian Roulette Underwriting!!

Russian Roulette underwriting is what 95% of banks and lenders use. Underwriters determine if you are approved or not and this relationship is crucial.  Most banks have hundreds of underwriters they rotate to complete your file.  Keith works with one underwriter to ensure a quick and effecient process.  Learn More

Programs To Get You In A Home

FHA Loans are government loans that typically require 3.5% down.  They are very lenient for past credit problems and first time homebuyers.  I am a Expert in FHA Loan Financing.  Please call or text with any Questions.

USDA Rural Development Loans are one of the only loans that do not require a downpayment.  In Dec of 2014 there were may changes made to the program that makes these loans harder to qualify.  Please call or text me with any questions on these loans.

Vetrans Administration or VA Loans are also 100% loans and available for Military and Former Military.   Over the past few years these have become increasingly harder to qualify for.  Please call me with any questions regarding these loans.

Conventional Loans typically require 5% downpayments.   In 2015 there will be a new 97% Program available.  The only downside to these loans are the ratios are typically more strict which could mean buying a less expensive home.  Please call me with any questions.

  • FHA Loans 50%
  • USDA Loans 30%
  • Conventional Loans 10%
  • VA Loans 10%