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Hello there, my name is Keith Goeringer and I am a marketing, social media, and business development consultant for primarily but not limited to the real estate industry. I’ve worked in real estate for the last nine years but I’ve been interested in marketing since college.  On my blog, you’ll find a wide variety of content, information, tips and tricks in respect to marketing anything online.  My goal is simple for this blog.  I want to bring you incredible information that will simply explode the growth of your business.  I can promise you that if I create a post on this blog, it will help you in some way, form or fashion.  I want to look back in the future and see a blueprint of what I created over the years and how I also taught my fans to do the same thing on this blog.

First a little bit about me personally,

I was born in Columbus, GA at Fort Benning Army Base. My parents both had to work to support the family and I to a large extent raised myself. My early childhood was spent in GA and when my parents divorced I moved to Antioch, TN to live with my Father. I attended private school which afforded me an excellent education and I always excelled in academics. I put myself through college attending Middle Tennessee State University. I worked my way through by bartending and paid cash for my education which was very challenging. I graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in advertising with a minor in English. I started my career in movie theatre advertising and then made the move to insurance auto and commercial property claims. I really paid my dues working 50 hour a week jobs and then still bartending nights at TGI Friday’s in Franklin, TN to pay off some old debts. Then one day I was introduced into the real estate industry. I was a natural because I had a great head for finance and loved helping people. I worked in retail and wholesale lending really learning what it takes to close a transaction. I had the pleasure of being an account executive for some of the largest fortune 500 banks in what most people now call the “Good Times.”

The reason I share this with you is because life was not always a bowl of cherries.  It was extremely difficult and I always had to fight for my place in this world.  One of the things that help me stay ahead of the pack was always my love for marketing and implementing it in any job I had.   For some reason I was always good at finding a more streamlined smarter way to meet my goals.   Now I would say my real passion is just helping other people or businesses achieve their goals.

Constant and Never Ending Learning

With the Internet,  thousands of channels on TV, and  hundreds of satellite radio stations we are bombarded by information.  I probably go through two to three webinars a day now learning new ideas.  I think we have moved from the information age, to the implementation age.  And that’s what I want this blog to be.  I want to show how in each post you can immediately implement these ideas to help you.   I constantly search for, learn, and implement new technologies on a daily basis. I strive to put God first in everything I do.   I currently live in Palm Coast, Florida with my beautiful wife Kate and our 2 year old son Jake. We believe in giving back and helping other people achieve their dreams. I feel that if I can help enough other people achieve their dreams I will always be taken care of by God.

Marketing in 2015

So there’s one thing that you can count on with marketing.  That it will change and evolve quickly.   Look at what’s going on.  The new movement of face book and social networking has really changed everything.  It’s important to have a good source of information and someone that keeps up with what’s going on, and that’s exactly what I do.   So I’m going to keep buying all of the best marketing courses in existence, and breaking them down into it easy to use and implement action steps.   I would say the biggest change in 2011 has been how fast information now moves.  I’m absolutely amazed at the speed at which information can move now.  I’m a student of many of the top marketers in the country.  In the past there was no way this could be possible unless you traveled to their events which were super expensive.  Even little things like screen recordings have completely changed the way we can move information now.   I could spend an hour of my time and teach you how to build a blog just like this one.   But, I have noticed that some of the information is good and some is not.  So as I go through all these different programs I pull up the stuff that really works.   And that’s what you will get for me.  What Works.

Let’s Get Started

So go ahead and subscribe to this blog and stay tuned to the information that I’ll be sending you.  You will definitely grow as a marketer and create more balance which I think we can all use.  I’m looking forward to sharing my information with you.   Please If you have certain things you want me to research and cover just comment on it.

Thank you,

Keith Goeringer