Sites You Need

When you finish watching this short video, you wil understand Google Plus and how it can bring you traffic.

by Keith Goeringer

Editing HTML the Easy Way

by Keith Goeringer

PageBreeze is an HTML Editor which has both visual WYSIWYG and HTML tag and source modes. The program was developed by Solutionsoft. This is a completely free to download and use for personal, educational and not-for-profit use. There are no limitations, no nag screens, no required registration, and the software Continue Reading

Creating Panoramics Quickly with a Free Program!

by Keith Goeringer
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This  is a great program that Microsoft has created and you can download it for free at:

The little program is called image composite editor, which basically means that it’s stitches together individual photographs into one panoramic photograph, which is at a very high resolution. Continue Reading