Video Training

How Realtors Can Use Linked In to Generate Leads

by Keith Goeringer

This Video walks you through how to use Linkedin to generate leads from google in the realestate field. Currently we are getting around two a week and it costs nothing.

Present Like Steve Jobs

by Keith Goeringer

Want to be a better presenter? Whether it’s one or 1000 people, every time you
speak it is a presentation. Watch this short video to get some killer presentation
tips from “speaker extraordinaire” Steve Jobs. Here are some key points to watch
out for:

1) Maintain Eye Contact 98% Continue Reading

Build Amazing Landing Pages in Minutes!

by Keith Goeringer
YouTube Preview Image

One of the hardest things to do is create high quality, professional Sales and Squeeze pages and then have them convert.   A lot of us can get that horse to water, but can we get them to drink!

That is where I find myself… how do I get Continue Reading

The Ten Rules You Must Know Before Putting Video on Your Web Page or You Will Drive Visitors Away Faster Than the Speed of Light!!

by Keith Goeringer

Putting video on your website is a very important piece of your marketing. Used correctly, it will get people to stay at your website longer, they will make more inquires, and they will get to know you. 

Used incorrectly, your video will chase your visitors away faster than a New York Second…..

To place video effectively, on your website, follow these Ten Rules: Continue Reading

Creating Panoramics Quickly with a Free Program!

by Keith Goeringer
YouTube Preview Image

This  is a great program that Microsoft has created and you can download it for free at:

The little program is called image composite editor, which basically means that it’s stitches together individual photographs into one panoramic photograph, which is at a very high resolution. Continue Reading