Creating Panoramics Quickly with a Free Program!

0 Creating Panoramics Quickly with a Free Program!

This  is a great program that Microsoft has created and you can download it for free at:

The little program is called image composite editor, which basically means that it’s stitches together individual photographs into one panoramic photograph, which is at a very high resolution.

So I decided to put it to the test. I took my 35mm digital camera and went over to a  higher-end listing at ICI Homes at Plantation Bay and snapped about 20 pictures of the area that I wanted to use. I’m a complete novice at this, but it was still pretty simple, and I just made sure the pictures were very close together, and let the auto-focus do the work.

I then came back to my office and downloaded all the pictures onto my desktop in a folder. After downloading and installing the program, which took about two minutes, I simply dragged and dropped all of the files into the program. At that point, ICE takes over in using state-of-the-art stitching algorithms, it automatically places source images and determines panorama type. In about five minutes I had a completely seamless picture of the entire room. The final picture is a little rough around the edges, but the cropping feature of the program will quickly fix this. I cropped the picture and exported it as a new .jpg.   This whole process was extremely simple, and if you see Microsoft’s commercial on TV, even a seven year old could do it. now I guess the seven-year-old was a little smarter than me, because I did have one small, almost undetectable mistake, but that was user error. I discovered, it is important to keep the pictures that you take very tight.

Now what good is a panoramic picture, if the world can’t see it, so I created a website (also free) to show off the location and special features of this beautiful home, now complete with a great panoramic scan of the great room with a golf course in the distance.

The video above gives step-by-step instructions. Here is the finished product the Panoramic is under the Virtual Tour Section:

 Creating Panoramics Quickly with a Free Program!
pixel Creating Panoramics Quickly with a Free Program!
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  1. Aloha Keith, great information and I love free tools to work with. That was an awesome set-up with your real estate website. Thanks for sharing! Lani

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